Back at it. Writing in a different world.

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I started blogging when Blogger was the ‘in’ thing. Heck, I started blogging when ‘blog’ was still a term people used to refer to a personal online diary published onto a public internet. Paradoxical as it may now sound, I believe that was how people thought of blogging in the early years of the internet.

Things were simpler back then – say 15 years ago or so. The internet as a medium, while not new, was not as all-encompassing as it has become today. Writing came easy to people like me – there was no pressure because the audience was not only impersonal – it was non-existent. Writing on the internet was like writing in a personal diary – you just wrote what was on your mind and however you liked. No need to worry about people sharing your posts, or getting CSI-ed by ‘stalkers’. Or thinking about whether writing such-and-such was part of your personal brand.

The world has changed quite a bit since 2003 when I first contributed my 1s and Os on the internet. Social media existed, sure, but there were hardly any ‘influencers’ to remind us you can sell your private life. There were famous bloggers then, as there are now, but there was no ‘publicity’ conscientiousness among ordinary folks. No ‘clout’ measurement, no subconscious curation of your own thoughts.

Perhaps that’s why I stopped blogging in 2011. Writing on the internet no longer felt ‘safe’ – it did not feel private. Increasingly, with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, there was a pressure to project a certain persona consistent with an un-articulated, subconscious brand. And I was not interested in a personal brand. I’m a person, not a Klout score.

But I decided, in the spirit of not giving a fuck( oh no..will my future employers think I’m vulgar? meh.), I will get back at it. Writing whatever interests me. Articulating whatever I feel like articulating. Actually, if the damn CB didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be doing this. I would be out gymming, doing work, teaching Judo, meeting friends, meeting my SO. But hey, with the fear of Covid-19 keeping most of us company, starting up my writing engine wouldn’t be that bad an idea.

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